"Stay With Me" - Sam Smith EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords (No Capo!)

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OPEN ME FOR A TIME GUIDE & WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTION! :D TIME GUIDE: 00:46 how to play chords 03:32 strumming patterns 09:40 picking pattern 14:52 chord progressions TRANSCRIPTION: standard tuning, no capo chords needed: C, F, Am optional chords: Dm, G practice pattern: strum D once for each chord (best for intro & verses) strum pattern 1: D D DU (best for choruses) strum pattern 2: D D DU DUD D DU (good for adding optional chords) pick pattern: Am: 5323 F: 6323 C: 5323 or 532353-53 Dm: 4323 G: 6323 chord progressions: [intro] - practice pattern C F C F Dm C [verse 1] - practice pattern Am F C F Dm C Am F C F Dm C [chorus] - pick pattern Am F C Am F C G Am F C (x2) [verse 2] - pick pattern Am F C (x3) Am G C [chorus] - strum pattern 1/2 Am F C Am F C G Am F C (x2) [bridge] - strum pattern 1/2 Am F C Am F C G Am F C (x2) [chorus] - pick pattern Am F C Am F C G Am F C (x2) [outro] - strum pattern 1/2 & practice pattern Am F C Am F C G Am F C Am F C (practice pattern) connect with me! ^^ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/for3v3rfaithful INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/xfor3v3rfaithfulx FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/for3v3rfaithfulmusic i am SO sorry about the lack of uploads these past few months. to make a long story short, my life has been full of craziness recently, so i had to take a little break from youtube in order to put everything else back in order. but it's 2015 now and i'm determined to make this a wonderful year! starting with this beautiful song, "stay with me." i hope this helps you out and have fun playing! :) please don't forget to "like" and subscribe for more tutorials coming soon! love you guys! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED.
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