Heroic Ultraxion Holy Pally Solo Heal POV

Duration = 04:43

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Ominous on Saurfang Heroic Morchok http://www.ominousguild.com/ Thanks to Everyone Who helped out. I will be uploading More kills soon. Should have 8/8h Unedited kill videos up soon. Team Fear: Jackripster - Warrior DPS (GM) , Jomond - Boomkin DPS , Arcanom - Mage DPS , Ringo - Hunter DPS , Gilor - Rogue DPS , Shamreaver - Shammy DPS(First Time DPSing) , Amaliel - DK Tank , Alcaeuz - Pally Heals, Tacco - Pally Tank , Hanten - Priest DPS Benched Healers Androssi - Pally Heals , Verypointy - Priest Heals Hope everyone Enjoys this.
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