Meeting the Bushmen Tribe near Tsumkwe, Namibia

Duration = 05:45

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We meet and Bow Wow licks the Ju/'hanse San people, or as they are more commonly known, the Bushmen Tribe near Tsumkwe, eastern Namibia. Bow Wow thinks that spear throwing is a game of fetch and wows the tribes with his tricks, (keep your eye on the bushmen watching on the right!) while Lucie makes jewellery out of ostrich eggs and Lachlan considers ditching his Calvin Kleins for some Bushmen budgie smugglers. Lucie joins the San women in their Elephant Dance, an ancient dance depicting the female chain of communication that takes place when someone comes across a dangerous animal and the warning of its location spreads from one woman to another. Finally, we are honoured that the tribe's doctor contacts the spirits of his ancestors for us, transcending to a trance like state that is palpable in the air and gives us goosebumps. By The Vagabond Adventures (
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