Sree narayana kavacham

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Narayana Kavacham [The Armour of Narayana] in pdf {Narayana Kavacham occurs in Sreemadh Bhagavada Purana in the sixth Skanda and occurs in Chapter eight. It is an Armour to protect ourselves from our enemies seen and unseen. this is possibly one of the first Kavachams ever taught to man. Raja Parikshith, the son of Abhimanyu asks his teacher Sage Shuka Sage Shuka then teaches him Narayana Kavacham, which was taught by Sage Viswaroopa the son of Thwashtra to Devendra. It is believed that the soul of the man who reads this Kavacha (even if he is a sinner) becomes extremely holy and that any one who reads this would be protected by Lord Vishnu in his various incarnations, by his various weapons and his various assistants. Sloka 4-11 of this great stotra give us in detail about the preparations that we should take before reading this great work. These naturally should be learned from a teacher well versed in such procedures}
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