COGIC Supt Earl Carter Slams Sissies, Gay Worship Leaders and Punk Prophets!

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This is the VIRAL VIDEO the COGIC Pentecostal denomination doesn't want ANYONE to see! In a sermon that has gone viral, COGIC Superintendent Earl Carter went on a 15-minute rant against gays making several shocking statements. Click SHOW MORE below to see highlights. Download entire 52-minute sermon available directly from COGIC website at 0:12 - "Since you want to be a girl" he says he wishes God would "give you the monthly of a girl" and "have you bleeding from your butt". 0:58 - Claims that homosexuality itself is God's punishment, as it signifies he has turned you over to a "reprobate mind". 4:30 - Says the reason the church is not growing is because it isn't fighting against anything. 6:00 - Apostate prophets and old punks turning people out 7:10 - Begins sharing experience visiting a church with a gay worship leader. 8:17 - "The Jesus in you" ought to make gays nervous and uncomforable. 9:07 - Falsely claims to be a prophet. 9:38 - Continues sharing experience visiting a gay worship leader; mocks him. 12:51 - Admonishes young preacher to change their style, stop looking like a girl, and to stop endorsing the activities of gays in their churches. This video resulted in the Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake issuing a statement of apology -- something COGIC has NEVER DONE BEFORE. I DO NOT SUPPORT HIS COMMENTS AT ALL for various reasons. Firstly, when you watch the entire 52 minute sermon, it is clear these remarks are PURE ENTERTAINMENT. For the first 25 min he talked about the importance of studying and sound doctrine. All that time, the crowd was dry. Then he made a hard left turn and started talking about "sissies" and the crowd went wild so he stuck with that for the remainder of the time. Next, it is a direct violation of Scripture for preachers to engage in insults, name calling, and unprofitable language (too many Bible references to cite, but all you have to do is look at the example of Christ and the apostles). What he did was ignorant, and he put Blake in the position to have to make that apology. Finally, what COGIC REALLY needs to do is clean up its own act by getting rid of all these womanizing, sexually assaulting, child molesting, violent, embezzling, FALSE teaching and FASLE prophesying bishops, superintendents, apostles and pastors. COGIC has always dealt with the issue of homosexuality from a position of ignorance and weakness. They keep trying to make that the church boogeyman, when the root issue is their doctrine and their leadership. But of course, nobody in the organization wants to talk about that. They just want to keep entertaining, shouting, dancing, and wearing their big hats and St John's suits.
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