Betty Boop: "Zula Hula" (1937)

Duration = 06:41

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Zula Hula is a 1937 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Betty Boop, and featuring Grampy. Synopsis: Betty and Grampy are on an around-the-world flight when they are forced to crash-land on an apparently deserted island. Betty's upset with their situation, but Grampy quickly invents a number of gadgets that allow them all the comforts of home. Things again take a turn for the worse when a group of cannibals show up. Quick thinking Grampy charms the savages by creating a calliope out of the crashed plane's parts. While the natives are distracted by the music, Grampy and Betty repair their plane and make a hasty escape. Notes and comments: Due to the use of negative racial stereotypes, this short is seldom screened today. (Source: Wikipedia)
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