Danny D - It's Coming

Duration = 02:05

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WATCH HQ VERSION HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulvM7X4xg50 Danny D's Gangsta Rap Video She's The Most "Special" Rapper Spitting In The Game Today. Lyrics: Intro Ugh Yeah Danny D Sometimes I drive my car to fast. She-Dong 2 I don't care cause i don't like jews Yeah Danny D You know what's coming? Yo Danny D! I don't think you do Slut! Tell em' what the D stands for BEAT BOX MUTHA FUCKA! Verse 1 I be chillin in the studio, singin my song I got fingers in the back, and he's hittin a bong Stengels runnin thru the car wash, wearin a thong You'll be thinkin bout she dong, all life long Throwin' baloons all full of nair At yo punk ass, til you gots no hair You be living in life without a care While you at home, gay with teddy bear Got my cars and my rims, can't handle this Got glocks all clocked, don't step to this When you walkin around smelling all like piss You remember i'm the master, and you can SUCK MY SHIT! Chorus: It's comin' It's comin' She-Dong 2 it's comin' Like doody in yo pants, it's comin'! Verse 2 All you fucking homos about to pay When you see the SD, get the fuck out the way I'm the mutha fucking king, this shit ain't wack Talk shit, and you'll get kicked in the nut sack! If you a jew too, i say good, "my momma" Blowin up spots, like i'm the unibomba! Your cold on the outside like an android You're warm on the inside, like a hemaroid! 30 inches long let me do my song Fingers hit the gong, get ready it's She dong! it's comin' it's comin' Chorus It's comin' It's comin' She-Dong 2 it's comin' Like doody in yo pants it's comin Bridge I'm tryin to make sense of what i got to say beeble bobble beeble bobble beeble bobble bay beeble bobble beeble bobble beeblo bebble beeny that's what i say before i kicks you in the weeny! Verse 3 Compared to she-dong, ya'll teeny weeny and you smell like doody, like the head of phil rine! uh Beat box nigga feet sox nigga meat rot, like the cops, down the block nigga Smell your socks set your clocks, it's that time again eat your farts, clean your sharts, it's she dong again It's comin' it's comin' Outro Yeah it's comin' bitch all ya'll, ain't nuthin but nuthin! you watchin girl shit ya'll soft like baby shit this is for my homies Phil Rine, REST IN SHIT!
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