99th Knowledge Seekers Workshop February 4 2016

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99th Knowledge Seekers Workshop February 4th 2016 Content Summary and Timing: 00:00:00 One World introductory video 00:04:50 Introduction by Rick Crammond 00:05:50 Introduction by MK 00:07:25 Results being seen by users of Magrav systems 00:09:45 Not spoon feeding people but enlightening them 00:10:50 Summary of key points 3rd International Knowledge Seeker's Workshop held Feb 2nd, 2016 00:11:10 People getting threatened. These threats forwarded to the law enforcement officials 00:17:20 Teaching structure will change now that the Kf is becoming international. Each continent, major nation and language will have its own teaching center 00:21:30 Connection of diseases with the PH of the water and food we consume 00:23:20 Water Energizing Tube Blueprint presentation by Renan 00:23:20 - How to build 00:32:40 - Results - changes PH of water to an alkaline state. More discussion on importance of an alkaline state 00:45:00 - Video of how to measure the PH using a voltmeter & further explanation my MK 00:50 MK asks everyone to try taking the alkaline water and see what happens to his or her body acidity 00:56 Robert in Utah reminds that hand must be moistfor the voltmeter to register 01:00 There exists voltage/pH meters but all you need is a regular voltmeter 01:05 Spring in Belgium where people collect the water for its healing properties. Coil produces the same GM field 01:08: Plastic version of the coiled pipen nano-coated and wrappedwith GANS of CO2 and Zinc. Should work on infertility! 01:12 Rick tests himself 01:18 Rick tests the voltage of distilled water and well water 01:32 Experiences of using voltmeter for diagnosis on specific points on the hand Liver 4 and Lung 11 01:41 Renan presents a commercial production of the bubbling GANS effect presented in 1st International workshop 01:45 Update from Ali in Vancouver who took a star formation and sent a prayer for Peace and avoidance of a major disaster on planet Earth. Share the vision received as answer to his prayer 01:59 Ali’s presentation is of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s teachings on the star formation and the merkaba 02:06 Thoughts on rotation of GANS produced by positioning heavy to light molecular weight in triangular sequence and parallels with earth's core and crust. Demonstration of star formation with no connection to mains switching on an LED display 02:25 Ali completes his presentation 02:26 Quesion on molecular weights. Magrav mass is less than the molecular mass listed in the periodic table 02:30 Question on whether the Caroline core empty? 02:32 Stephane from Quebec has 30+ capacitors built in donut shape 02:36 Armen says if you make 1 coil bigger than the other you get increased voltage. Stephane getting shimmers in his room, pulsing feelings of the plasma energy in his body and feels very calm and balanced 02:43 MK suggests he gets in touch with Vernie in the Philippines who is making similar developments 02:45 Ali demonstrates his LEDs coming on when he touches the wire. Power being supplied by the plasma field in his body 02:49 Modris from Malta: shows a double coil on his finger with mango leaves separating the nano-GANS from the skin. MK indicates that both these applications from Ali and Modris are developments towards wireless control of the MAGRAV systems 02:58 3-year teachings being contracted into a 1-year course 03:00 More information on the earthquake situation 03:47 Continue building the plasma systems – this is important for reasons which we will disclose fully later PUBLIC WEEKLY...EVERYBODY IS WELCOME ONLINE Livestreaming at: https://livestream.com/KFWorkshops/blueprint At Zoom Meeting (when live): https://spaceshipinstitute.zoom.us/j/939474503 Keshe Foundation page: http://www.keshefoundation.org
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