Giantess Skadi - Part 2

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The Giantess continues her stroll, walking over trees between the houses and crushing them carelessly under her big feet. She kneels down in front of a house, bends down, crushes the roof with her gigantic tits, breaks up the walls and grabs two men from inside. The first one she crushes to a pulp in her hand, the second one she holds upside down, puts him inside her slip and later throws him away. Then she goes to sit on a house, bends over another one. Her swaying breasts slowly destroy the roof, then she grabs the angry but terrified owner, lifts him up, breaks his bones and crushes him between her massive boobs with a terrible sound and throws away his useless body. When she leans down on the house to talk to him, her breasts damage the roof. Surprise! She misunderstands his desperate words and takes them for a compliment. As a consequence, she shows him what her boobs really look like. She smiles, bends down further and the roof simply collapses under the enormous weight of her giant breasts.
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