HOW TO BALANCE ON A DIRT BIKE: Cross Training Enduro Skills

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From our 50+ training vids at Learning to balance properly can transform the way you ride in technical terrain. Apply these trials techniques for balance as recommended by top endurocross and extreme enduro riders like Graham Jarvis, Jonny Walker and Taddy Blasuziak who are all former trials champions.From our huge collection of free training vids featuring Australia's 2014 Junior Endurocross Champion, Ruben Chadwick who's not bad at balancing. :) When riding tips come from extreme enduro rider, Graham Jarvis, people tend to sit up and listen. In a recent interview, he said "Doing exercises to improve your balance will make you a better rider. If your balance is good, you’ll use less energy to ride." The rise of extreme enduro, endurocross and hard enduro events has led to cross training - trials skills applied to dirt riding on enduro bikes. He gained his exceptional balancing skills as a former top trials rider. As Graham Jarvis says "Going fast is the easy bit, it’s going slowly that will help you develop control." Most of us ride dirt bikes because we want to go hard and fast, but cross training slows us down to learn some key skills that some of us sorely need! Then you can build the speed up again, especially if you aim to compete in extreme enduros or endurocross. A good sense of balance is always important when dirt riding. Body positioning is critical. Body positioning and weighting are fundamental skills in trials, and watching top trials riders is all about balancing. A key part of moves like this is the use of body positioning and weighting for balance - choosing when to exert pressure on the pegs and when to de-weight or lift the bike up. While an enduro bike is heavier, theese skills still play a major part in getting through extreme enduro terrain with ease. Cross training means you will almost always be standing on the pegs of your dirt bike and learning how to use your body weight and positioning to maximum effect to apply trials skills to your dirt bike technique. Trials training Youtube channel:
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