Use Both Hands (a bagger's anthem)

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As Roger Chen trains for the national bagging championship, his Confucius-like coach, Joe Yaeczitis, offers an uplifting bagging anthem that can be sung by anyone trying to excel at anything. Turn on captions (on the lower right of the YouTube player) to sing along with this anthem and lift your spirits. subscribe to the Gregory Brothers: YouTube 2! Facebook! Twitter! Webs & Store! Lyrics: Determination is probably one of my strongest suits, I guess Determination is probably one of his strongest suits I'm striving to go after the American Dream I don't stop until I get it, til I get it, get it He will not stop until he gets it I'm like a dog chasing a bone Like a dog chasing a bone Keep that speed Crushables are on top Slide your bag down With practice he can be the best in the world! Amateurs practice til they get it right Pros practice til they can't get it wrong (can't get it wrong!) That's what he's lookin for, to practice to where it's automatic He's always been fast, but he's gotten better You have to use both hands Chorus It's all there for you To just go out, get it And make it yours
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