USA - Simpson Tries On The Murder Gloves - 1995

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Simpson tries on the murder gloves The much-hyped OJ Simpson trial finally saw drama on Thursday (15/6), when the defendant tugged on the blood-stained gloves that were found at the murder scene. Jurors watched as Simpson put on latex gloves first, then struggled to fit his hands into the brown leather gloves. "They're too small," he said. After some minutes of pushing and pulling, the gloves were on his hands but seemed tight. Simpson pulled the tips of the fingers to show that his hands weren't all the way in. After the glove demonstration, witness Richard Rubin, former vice president and general manager of glovemaker Aris Isotoner, walked to the counsel table and inspected Simpson's bare hands. He testified Simpson was a size large or extra-large. The gloves found at the scene of the murder are extra-large and the prosecuting attorney suggested the former footballer turned actor had faked the courtroom struggle, holding his hands in such a way to inhibit a true fit. The incident was the first dramatic moment in the long trial, which has been dominated for the most by lengthy debates over the validity of the forensic evidence. SHOWS: (LOS ANGELES, 15/6) Simpson trying on glove to left hand. Simpson trying on glove to right hand, struggles to make it fit. CU two gloves. Simpson showing gloves. Holding hands in air. Simpson shrugs, removes gloves. T/I: 10:34:44 STORY: OJ GLOVES LOCATION: LOS ANGELES DATE: 15 JUNE 1995 DURATION: 1.43 You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:
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