Belly Dancing - Learn How to Belly Dance Step by Step

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Click here Belly dance is dance invented from the word "solo.'' Its origin is traced in Middle East during Victorian age, initially known as Ouled Nail. The dance involves all parts of the body majorly the hips. The context of the dance varies from a country to country. If you want to know how to belly dance there are basic techniques you must master. First you should get into a good posture and tune the right music. Get the right top that exposes your belly. Before the dance you must do some exercise to make you flexible. Basics like rolling the neck and shoulders. Then sit down and reach out for your toes. Follow the following steps. Ensure you upper part is straight. Your backside should be parallel to you back. Let your chest protrude. Then bend your knees slightly together this makes you do the up and down torso motions. From there let your shoulders relax backwards with your chin slightly raised. After that raise your arms and stretch your stomach. Try swinging your right hip and dropping it then turn to you're left hip swing it up and drop it. Exchange the swinging from left to right hip. When you have mastered that balance your body while your legs are apart. Then try circular motions using your hips and stomach and be flexible as possible. In mind try drawing the digit 8 with your hips. On the other hand your arms should be moving in unison with the hips. Ensure you put on a smile too and follow the rhythm. From there you are good to go try all moves using your hips. You can make circular shapes or oval shapes. When doing this let it is interpret the mood and emotion of the song. Break dancing with your belly can be so wild especially dancing to Arabic music Learning belly dancing needs concentration, flexibility and creativity. This belly dance is associated to celebrities like Shakira. belly dancing belly dance how to belly dance belly dancing videos belly dance costumes belly dancing classes belly dancing music shakira belly dancing belly dance instrument belly dancers bellydance superstars sexy belly dance belly dancing youtube hot belly dance arabic belly dance belly dance moves miss belly dance belly dance course
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