Welcome Back To GH - General Hosptial Alumni ~ 50 Years

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WELL!!! I actually drafted this video a while ago but I was hell-bent on holding out for Lesley Webber's return before I could post. I held a coveted spot just for her... And now - She's back - as of today!! - So here's the final video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Just a nostalgic video montage of the vets who have returned over the past year to help make the 50th anniversary memorable... Hope you enjoy...! Note: I did not include characters that returned, or are returning with different actors portraying them. This video is strictly dedicated to the home grown actors of GH.. GH Returnee's -- In order of appearance (in the video) *Frank & Doris Hursley -- General Hospital Creators (Mentioned)* 1) Anna Devane ~ Finola Hughes 2) Robert Xavier Scorpio ~ Tristan Rogers 3) Holly Sutton ~ Emma Samms 4) Dr. Noah Drake ~ Rick Springfield 5) Ethan Lovett ~ Nathan Parsons 6) Heather Webber ~ Robin Mattson 7) Felicia Jones-Scorpio ~ Kristina Wagner 8) Duke Lavery ~ Ian Buchanan 9) Mariah Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones ~ Kirsten Storms 10) Dr. Alan James Quartermaine Sr. ~ Stuart Damon 11) Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake ~ Kimberley McCullough 12) Laura Spencer ~ Genie Francis 13) Lucy Coe ~ Lynn Herring 14) Alan James "AJ" Quartermaine, Jr ~ Sean Kanan 15) Scott "Scotty" Baldwin ~ Kin Shriner 16) Barbara Jean "Bobbie" Spencer ~ Jackie Zeeman 17) Jasper "Jax" Jacks ~ Ingo Rademacher 18) Edward Lawrence Quartermaine "Ned" Ashton ~ Wally Kurth 19) Andrew "Frisco" Jones ~ Jack Wagner 20) Antoinette "Skye" Chandler-Quartermaine ~ Robin Christopher 21) Cesar Faison ~ Anders Hove 22) Emily Quartermaine-Cassadine ~ Natalia Livingston 23)Dr Lesley Webber - Denise Alexander 24) Richard Simmons -- Himself 25) Prince "Stavros" Nikolas Mikkosovich Cassadine ~ Robert Kelker-Kelly 26) Alison Barrington ~ Erin Hershey-Presley 27) Dr. Richard "Rick" Webber Sr. ~ Chris Robinson 28) Helena Cassadine ~ Constance Towers 29) Dr. Kevin Collins ~ Jon Lindström 30) Prince 'Nikolas" Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine ~ Tyler Christopher 31) Brenda Veronica Barrett ~ Vanessa Marcil 32) Audrey Hardy ~ Rachael Ames With us in spirit: *Dr. Steven Hardy ~ John Beradino *Jessie Brewer ~ Emily McLaughlin *Amy Vining ~ Shell Kepler *Edward Louis Quartermaine (1) ~ David Lewis *Edward Louis Quartermaine (2) ~ John Ingle *Lila Quartermaine ~ Anna Lee *Ruby Anderson ~ Norma Connolly
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