Game Theory: Solving Raticate's "DEATH" (Pokemon Red and Blue)

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Get a free 30 day trial of Audible ► Are HUMANS Pokemon? ►► MEGA Evolution Theory ►► It's one of the oldest and most infamous creepypastas out there -- that you killed your Rival's Raticate in Pokemon Red and Blue. But are you truly an eleven-year-old with blood on your hands? Unlike most other creepypasta, this Pokemon theory actually HAS evidence that gives us a definitive answer one way or the other, evidence that has gone largely unnoticed for the better part of the last decade. So today's Pokemon Theory is putting this question to rest...pun intended. Should Red be renamed as "Murderer Red?" Let's find out! More Nintendo Theories: TRUTH Behind the Amiibo Shortage ►► Smash Bros TRAGIC Hidden Lore! ►► BEWARE Link's Hookshot! ►► Meta Theories: How PEWDIEPIE PWN'd YouTube ► Gamers, You're getting PLAYED! ►► Yes, PewDiePie, YouTube is BROKEN ►► Physics and Body Theories: Chun-Li's DEADLY Helicopter Kick! ►► How Deadly is Super Mario's Bullet Bill? ► What Sex is Team Fortress 2's Pyro ► Call of Duty's Regenerating Health ► Twitter: @MatPatGT Hang out with us on our NEW CHANNEL GTLive! ►► GAME THEORY MERCH! Equip it HERE ►► Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory: Culture Shock: Digressing and Sidequesting: Crossover: This video was sponsored by Audible, but all opinions are my own
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