False Flag 2016 Election, Web Bot Special Announcement & More - Joe jsnip4 Interview Friday the 13th

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Either the World Sees Chaos, or the Price of this Metal Rises: http://CrushTheStreet.com/ninetytwo GUEST: http://RealistNews.net - http://youtube.com/jsnip4 TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW: 02:40 World Market Crash Imminent with Chain Reaction to Ripple through Western Nations 05:00 Lindsey Williams Predicted the Stock Rally & Crash with Europe to Crash First 06:30 Is Awakening making it Harder for Elite to Manipulate Metals & Economy? 09:10 Is Trump Anti-NWO and will win this Election? 12:30 Would they Assassinate Donald Trump? False Flag Risk for 2016 Election, Trump vs Hillary 13:50 Hillary will be Against Trump in November 16:45 Chaos will Induce, Politicians will be Killed By Citizens 18:00 What if they Crash Economy with Trump and Blame him? 23:00 Get Gold & Silver to Protect Yourself from Hyperinflation, Death of US Dollar 33:00 Gold & Silver are More than a Preservation of Wealth 36:30 Announcement: Web Bot Interview Saturday May 14 on jsnip4 Channel Our last Interview with Joe March 24, 2016: http://www.crushthestreet.com/videos/live-interviews/false-flags-web-bot-predictions-gold-silver-bitcoin-nirp-joe-tampa-interview-mar-26
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