Rasmalai recipe in hindi - Festival season special - Homemade rasmalai recipe - Sweet dish recipe


Soft and sponge rasmalai recipe in hindi. Perfect rasmalai just like market one at home. Best for festival season. It is an famous Indian sweet dish or dessert. Try this at your home. Ingredients For making rabdi 1/2 litre milk 1 cup sugar 8-10 saffron threads 1 tsp cardamom powder Few drops rose essence For rasmalai 1 cup chhena 1/2 cup sugar 4-1/2 cup water For garnishing Pistachio Almonds Saffron threads First boil water and sugar on gas stove for making rasmalai Mash chhena with your hands and palm and make it soft Divide this in to small portion and give the shape of rasmalai Put this in to boiling water and cover it for 10 minutes on high flame After that take them out from water and let it cool down In to another pan take milk and sugar Let it boil for some time on low flame Add cardamom powder and saffron in to it and let it boil till its get thick Add rose essence and milk Let it cool down After cooling down dip rasmalai in to rabdi and keep this in refrigerator for some time Garnish it with pistachio, almond and saffron Serve chilled

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