Iris loves animals. All kinds. She isn't afraid of anything. We took her to the farmer's market and she had to walk around an hug every animals she saw. This is the camera we use to Vlog! We're Nikki and John. We are a Prank Couple turned family vloggers. We had a beautiful baby girl named Iris October 2014. Follow our adventures in parenthood and watch our cute baby grow with us. We try to be a cool mom and a cool dad. lol. We love being parents! Our Po Box: Nikki and John Dahl PO BOX 328 12814 Victory Blvd North Hollywood CA 91606 NIkki's channel- Nikki's Mommy and beauty tips John's Fishing channel- New fishing videos by john every Thursday! John's video game channel- New gaming videos by John daily John's Cooking Channel- New cooking videos by John every Friday! Our Facebook Fanpage: Twitter:!/nikki_and_john Johns Twitter:!/J_Dahla Nikkis twitter!/nikitabanana88 Instagram: Nikki- John - Johns SnapChat: NikkiandJohn Google PLUS us! Nikki's G+ : John's G+: Website: Our T-shirt Store: (USA) T-shirts in the UK: (UK) Intro production and original theme music provided by Gareth of Bawden Vlogs @: Love our theme song? Buy it now here:

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