DADDY IS A PLAYER! - SUGAR DADDY SEASON 2| Gacha Life / Gachaverse / Gacha Studio (Short/Mini Movie)


DADDY IS A PLAYER IS A GACHA STUDIO mini movie which is season 2 of the sugar daddy series SUGAR DADDY IS AN ANIMATED GACHA VERSE MINI MOVIE TALKS ABOUT TEENAGERS (OVER 18) HANGING OUT IN A CLUB AND ONE OF THEM FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MODEL SO HIS FRIENDS STARTED ANNOYING HIM AND HE WENT TO TALK TO HER AND HE JOKED SAYING CALL ME SUGAR DADDY AND FROM THAT DAY SHE NAMED HIM SUGAR DADDU (LOL) I don't even know what I'm saying anymore anyways hope you like this short gacha verse movie cuz it took me 2 weeks to make and if you want to see more gacha verse or gacha studio or gacha sextuplets movies comment and like the video. ******************************************************* What do i use? Editing software: sony vegas 15pro & camtasia 9 Recording software: lenovo legion Built in recording software Laptop: Lenovo legion y520 Specs: intel core i7 7700hq gtx 1060, 16Gb ram 6Gb Vga microphone: Hama DM-60 Dynamic mic ******************************************************** #gachastudio #gacha #sugardaddy

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