Revelation! Russian, Turkish and Iranian Alliance - Game Changer!


Russia, Iran and Turkey all differ on the Syrian conflict, but over the last year it appears their relationship has trended toward a more harmonious one and the Americans who fund ISIS along with the Saudis who brainwash and send them have been left out in the cold. It's interesting how the Americans and Saudis don't have a post ISIS strategy for Iraq, Syria and the region, it's obvious, that they don't want a solution to the problem, as it benefits their pockets. Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, has been quoted saying that the West demanded Riyadh to promote Wahabism, in order to tackle the Soviet influence into the Islamic world and today, it seems like it's game over for USA and their Saudi allies. I wonder how many religious books were falsified by the Saudis ... wonder how many lives were destroyed.. wonder why they made a pact with the devil, some say the saudi royal family are Zionists. Turkey will host a trilateral meeting on Syria, gathering leaders from Turkey, Russia and Iran The meeting hosted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on April 4 will be attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Besides regional developments and the ongoing Syrian war, the Turkish and Iranian leaders are also expected to hold talks to discuss bilateral relations. What's quite interesting about this scenario is, Sunni majority Turkey meeting with Shia majority Iran, to talk, this must be one of the biggest slap on the Saudi monarchy along with America, a total game change for the region! Israel and Palestine, latest news and biblical prophecy, calamity Guru - YouTube channel. Praecursator talks to Calamity Guru - Israel and the coming plague sources: creative commons: ایرانی ترکی روسی اتحاد ترکمان مشرق وسطی نیوز، شام ইরানি তুর্কি রাশিয়ান জোটের এর্দোগান মধ্যপ্রাচ্য সংবাদ, সিরিয়া Иранский турецкий российский альянс Эрдоган Ближний Восток Новости, Сирия Isbahaysiga Turki ee Ruushka Iran Erdogan Middle East News, Syria İran Türkü Rus İttifakı Erdoğan Ortadoğu Haberleri, Suriye Aliansi Turki Turki Iran Erdogan Berita Timur Tengah, Suriah Iran Turki Persekutuan Rusia Erdogan Timur Tengah Berita, Syria

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